Packing Materials for Moving

We provide comprehensive range of Packing Materials that can be used for not only Shipping, Moving or Storage but also for general domestic purposes

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is the best way to pack Pictures, Crystal wares various fragile objects to ensure they will not break or chip. This will cushion your items and prevent them knocking against each other

Polystyrene chips

Also known as loose fill or packing chips, Very popular for packing delicate crystal items and lladro.

Acid free tissue paper

Excellent for wrapping and protecting Chinaware, Silverware and ornaments. This acid free tissue paper will not corrode any precious items and is soft enough to fit in and around small items.

Adhesive Tape

Sealing Tape for the boxes and Packages.

Fragile Tape

Ideal to bring attention to something with a delicate nature, easily damaged, or vulnerable.

Tape Dispenser

Also known as tape gun, It is an object that holds a roll of tape and has a mechanism on one end to shear the tape. Dispensers vary widely based on the tape they dispense.

Stretch Wrap

Also known as pallet wraps and stretch film. It is a strong plastic film that is easily stretched around items, especially items on a pallet. The elastic recovery of the wrap means that it keeps the items tightly bound and is perfect at keeping pallet items stable.

Archive Boxes

A sturdy, high quality corrugated archive box (and lid) designed specifically for storing or transporting lever arch folders and Books.

Wardrobe Boxes

Essential for domestic garment moving – hang clothes as you do in your normal wardrobe and unpack straight into your new home, crease and crumple free.

Medium size Cardboard Boxes

Medium sized removal boxes are ideal for children’s toys, crockery and small furnishings.

Small Cardboard Boxes

These small boxes are ideal for storing smaller items such as CDs and transporting wrapped fragile items such as crockery and ornaments during your removal.

Paper blanket

Paper blanket is made up of several layers of paper and can be wrapped around items, such as tables, to protect them from the general knocks and scratches that occur during a house move.

Large Cardboard Boxes

The large storage and removal box is ideal for packing pots and pans, blankets and linen.

Pallet Boxes

Pallet boxes are designed for heavy items, providing a strong, reliable & protective means of shipping and exporting goods.

Corrugated paper

Corrugated paper offer light cushioning and surface protection. Flexible and lightweight, these corrugated rolls are ideal for interleaving and separating.

Removal Blanket

A Removal blanket’s main purpose in life is to protect the goods it is covering from any damage possible whilst in transit whether this be on the back of a lorry or storage in a warehouse.

Wooden Boxes

Also known as Wooden Crates or Timber crates, ideal for transporting substantial weights or particularly delicate products which require robust protection.

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